On the bus with Will Alexander

Today I joined my dad’s “Standing up for Tennessee” bus tour. We made stops in McMinn and Roane Counties, as well as Knoxville, so I could talk about how my dad is staying true to his conservative values and working to get results.

What really struck me, though, is hearing what others had to say about him.

One woman making calls on my dad’s behalf told me she was so proud the day he confronted President Obama at the White House over how Obamacare would increase health insurance premiums. Moments later, a teacher told me he’d never been interested in education policy until he heard my dad speak.

It makes me proud to hear how my dad has inspired Tennesseans to make a difference, especially among the next generation of Republicans. My dad often says that our party is bigger, more conservative and more successful because it has kept an open door. I’m seeing the power of that idea at work today.

Al Cardenas, the former chair of the American Conservative Union, recently called my dad the “ultimate conservative problem solver.” I think that sums things up pretty well, and it makes me feel good to think about all we can accomplish together — especially if we take a Republican majority in the Senate and my dad is a part of it.

With Lamar in D.C. casting important votes, Will filled in for his dad on the #StandingUpforTN bus tour in Athens and Kingston today.

Alexander's Statement on Votes in Washington

I had to briefly leave the “Standing Up for Tennessee” bus tour today to do what Tennesseans sent me to the U.S. Senate to do: Vote on important issues facing our country.

I plan to vote against President Obama’s funding request for the border crisis because he still has not proposed a serious plan to secure the border and deal with the influx of unaccompanied minors entering our country. Earlier this month I proposed a three-part plan on how to do so. First, President Obama should secure the border by using the National Guard if necessary. Second, the United States should cut off foreign aid to countries that don’t help us send these children home safely. Third, if a Democratic amendment to legislation that passed in 2008 makes it more difficult to send these unaccompanied children back to a safe place in their own countries, Congress needs to change the law.

I also plan to vote for final passage of legislation that would give veterans the option to choose a private doctor or facility if care is not available within a reasonable amount of time at Veterans Affairs facilities. This legislation is a big, fundamental change in how our country provides VA medical care: It is the first big step in giving veterans the same choices for their health care that our country has given them for higher education since the G.I. Bill was enacted in 1944.

In my absence, our son Will has joined the bus tour to speak with voters about how I’m standing up for Tennessee, sticking to my conservative values and working to get results. I look forward to coming back to Tennessee to continue my bus tour, because it’s a good way to make sure I keep providing Washington with a steady supply of Tennessee common sense.

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