Alexander Campaign Announces "Veterans for Alexander"

General Carl Stiner to chair group supporting Lamar Alexander's re-election to U.S. Senate Click Here

Early Voting begins October 15th

Find when and where you can early vote for Lamar Alexander and a new Senate majority. Click Here

Second Alexander Statewide TV Ad: Gordon Ball "Just One More Vote for Barac...

Says "slick-talking personal injury lawyer" is pro-Obamacare, pro-choice, pro-gun control Click Here

Alexander Statewide TV Ad: Vote for a New Senate Majority

Says choice is between his opponent, who will be "one more vote for Barack Obama's agenda," and a new majority to "get the right things done" Click Here

The Tennessee Scorecard

Every year it seems like everyone in Washington creates a scorecard picking a few votes to illustrate the records of United States senators. Click Here