"On the morning of my kick-off of the bus tour, Gov. Haslam invited me to join him at SL Tennessee in Clinton to hear about the 1,000 new jobs being created there.


SL’s announcement is yet another sign that Tennessee is the most attractive state for new jobs in the auto industry. SL’s growth from 40 jobs when it first came to Tennessee in 2001 to nearly 1,700 at the end of this expansion proves that Tennessee is the right place for companies around the world to invest.


Over the past three decades, Tennessee has grown into a major auto state, with one-third of our manufacturing jobs coming from the auto industry. When I became governor there were almost no auto jobs in the state. Then came Nissan and then came Saturn, and it’s our smart conservative policies since then that have continued to make our great state an attractive place to create good new jobs.”

- Lamar

It was a great first day of the #StandingUpforTennessee bus tour!   

Took a quick pit stop to talk to some voters at the Target parking lot in Johnson City.

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