Today in Dandridge, I had the honor to attend the retirement party of Billy Mitchell, a maintenance worker at the county courthouse for thirty-nine years. To show his gratitude, my dad had a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol and it was my honor to present it to Billy in person.

The retirement party was overflowing with courthouse employees past and present. Talking to folks in the standing room only crowd, Billy was described as an honest, hard-working public servant who everyone at the courthouse respected. That reminded me of my dad, and I enjoyed seeing Billy’s example inspiring others – he’s not looking for attention and he gets the job done.

Not to mention, as one woman at the party exclaimed from the audience, “And he’s a good Republican, too!”

On the bus with Will Alexander

Today I joined my dad’s “Standing up for Tennessee” bus tour. We made stops in McMinn and Roane Counties, as well as Knoxville, so I could talk about how my dad is staying true to his conservative values and working to get results.

What really struck me, though, is hearing what others had to say about him.

One woman making calls on my dad’s behalf told me she was so proud the day he confronted President Obama at the White House over how Obamacare would increase health insurance premiums. Moments later, a teacher told me he’d never been interested in education policy until he heard my dad speak.

It makes me proud to hear how my dad has inspired Tennesseans to make a difference, especially among the next generation of Republicans. My dad often says that our party is bigger, more conservative and more successful because it has kept an open door. I’m seeing the power of that idea at work today.

Al Cardenas, the former chair of the American Conservative Union, recently called my dad the “ultimate conservative problem solver.” I think that sums things up pretty well, and it makes me feel good to think about all we can accomplish together — especially if we take a Republican majority in the Senate and my dad is a part of it.

With Lamar in D.C. casting important votes, Will filled in for his dad on the #StandingUpforTN bus tour in Athens and Kingston today.

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