Alexander “Proud to Receive” Endorsement from U.S. Chamber

Discusses jobs at Chattanooga manufacturing plant CHATTANOOGA, TN – U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander said today he was “proud to receive” the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s endorse... Click Here

ABC News: Government Should Be 'Enabling' Not 'Mandating' Americans

In this week's Republican address, Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee criticizes Democratic approaches to government, saying that Dems in Washington want to mandate what Americans can and cannot do. B... Click Here

The Tennessee Scorecard

Every year it seems like everyone in Washington creates a scorecard picking a few votes to illustrate the records of United States senators. Click Here

No National School Board

In June 2013, Lamar Alexander introduced a Better Schools Plan -- the "Every Child Ready for College or Career Act"-- to stop Washington from deciding whether schools and teachers are succeeding or fa... Click Here

Going the Extra Mile

In his campaign for governor, Lamar walked 1,000 miles across Tennessee in his now-famous red and black plaid shirt. In that campaign, thousands of Tennesseans showed their support for Lamar by wearin... Click Here