The Tennessee Federation of Republican Women held their Fall Executive Board Meeting and followed by the Fall Board of Directors Meeting at Richland Country Club in Nashville and hosted a lunch and program for Republican Women Leaders from across the state.

Senator Lamar Alexander greeted the ladies and said a few words thanking the ladies for their support in past elections and asked for their continued support in his upcoming election.  TFRW President Linda D. Buckles called the meeting to order.  

TFRW area vice presidents shared reports from over 50 clubs across the state.  Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn stopped in and shared information on the people and elections to watch and support across the country. Congresswoman Blackburn also made the assertion 387 bills with bipartisan support sit on Senator Harry Reid’s desk making him the poster child for legislative gridlock.  “We are six seats away from replacing Senator Reid as Senate majority leader,” reports Congresswoman Blackburn.  Tennessee Rep. Mike Carter discussed three out of the four Tennessee Constitutional Amendments on the ballot in November. Attendants asked questions and a civilized lively debate on Amendment #2 took place. 

The TFRW is publicly endorsing Yes on #1 because under current Tennessee law, Tennessee has become an abortion destination state, and there is a concern abortion clinic regulations don’t ensure the safety of women undergoing this procedure, said officials.  Tennessee Constitutional Amendment #3 prevents Tennessee from having an income tax putting to rest generations of debate on the issue. Amendment #4 makes it easier for veterans organizations to raise money because they hold a different classification than other not for profit organizations. 

Guest Speaker: Dennis Schuelke, engineer, investor, pilot, and author of “Attorneys Above the Law” gave a presentation on the missing 13th U.S. Constitutional Amendment.