While much of our state is blanketed with snow, I wanted to take a minute to catch you up on the latest from our campaign:
Crushing Our Opponents
The Washington Examiner's recent article on our race says Lamar is “crushing” his primary opposition and leading “7-1 among key conservatives.”  Read more about the latest polling on our race. 

Yesterday, Lamar voted against increasing the debt limit.  In a statement, he said “I voted against increasing the debt limit because Congress took no steps to address the federal government’s most urgent need: reducing the growth of mandatory entitlement spending that is driving our $17 trillion debt. One way to address out-of-control entitlement spending would be for Congress and President Obama to support a plan like the Fiscal Sustainability Act I’ve introduced with Senator Corker, which would reduce the growth of entitlement spending by nearly $1 trillion over the next 10 years.”
Solving Problems
While the president believes wealth redistribution is the solution for income inequality, Lamar believes a real answer to inequality in America is to give more children the opportunity to attend a better school. Lamar recently introduced “Scholarships for Kids” to give 11 million low-income children scholarships to any accredited school of their parents’ choice.  Click here to read Lamar’s Op-Ed in The National Review.

Standing Up for Tennessee
Yesterday, Lamar voted to restore military pensions because these benefits “are important to the men and women who have worn the uniform of our Armed Services.”  Lamar also voted against cutting military pension benefits when the legislation came before the Senate in December.  With his vote he continued to stand up for the over 520,000 veterans living in Tennessee.

Show Some Love for Lamar
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