I hope you had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.  As Lamar noted in commemoration of Memorial Day:  “we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedoms and ensure our safety. We are grateful for all the men and women who have worn the uniform of the Armed Services, and we owe them and their families a debt of gratitude that we couldn’t possibly repay.” 

Veterans Affairs Investigation 
Lamar called for “an immediate investigation into reported mismanagement, incompetence, and corruption within the Department of Veterans Affairs health care centers throughout the country.”  Click here to read more including Lamar calling on VA Secretary Shinseki to provide specific information regarding VA facilities in Tennessee. 

The American People Have Successfully Pushed Back Against the IRS 
The IRS declared it will go “back to the drawing board” and take a new look at regulations and rules for politically tax-exempt groups. In case you missed it, Lamar has been leading the fight to ensure those affected, mostly conservatives including Tennessee tea party groups, did not have their First Amendment rights violated.  In aChattanooga Times Free Press article, Lamar declares the “American people have successfully pushed back” against the IRS. 

Chickamagua Lock Funding Approved, Will be Finished Six Years Early 
Due to the House and Senate recently passing the Water Resources Development Act,the Chickamagua Lock may be finished six years earlier than expected. This means more good-paying jobs for the region and positively impacts the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, nuclear power plants, and manufacturing facilities. 

Upper East Tennessee Visit 
Have you heard of the saying “I’m running from Memphis to Mountain City?”  Lamar started his Saturday at the Hancock County High School graduation and ended the day with over 250 Johnson County Republicans in Mountain City. In his keynote address to the Johnson County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner, Lamar talked about the historic mistake that is Obamacare and what Republicans would do repair the damage Obamacare has done and prevent future damage.