On Friday, Lamar hosted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in Germantown, and later joined him at the annual Tennessee Republican Statesmen’s Dinner in Nashville. Gov. Christie expressed his support for Lamar across the state, saying he’s a “big fan of Senator Alexander.”

Lamar and Gov. Christie discussed the importance of following conservative principles while finding solutions to our nation’s problems. They also talked about the lack of leadership by President Obama in the VA crisis, and addressed the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki.

Here’s a look at what the Memphis Commercial Appeal had to say about Lamar and Gov. Christie:

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, touting U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander’s campaign for re-election, told an audience Friday in Germantown that the Republican Party must broaden its base without compromising its principles. ‘His career has been a testament to that,’ Christie told a crowd of Alexander volunteers and local Republican officials at the opening of the Alexander campaign office in the Carrefour at Kirby Woods shopping center.”

At the grand opening of Lamar’s West Tennessee Campaign Office and other events, Gov. Christie said that Lamar has demonstrated how to drive a truly conservative agenda. Following conservative principles and working to find solutions to our country’s biggest problems, Christie said, is what Tennesseans need in their senator, and what Republicans need to take control of the Senate this fall.

“[Lamar] stands for conservative principles that make sense for our country,” Gov. Christie said. “If we want more people like Lamar Alexander in the United States Senate, we have got to start by keeping Lamar Alexander in the United States Senate.”

Gov. Christie also brought this message to the Tennessee Republican Statesmen’s Dinner on Friday at the Music City Center in Nashville. Lamar also spoke at the Statesmen’s Dinner about the importance of gaining a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate:

“This is an election year and here are the stakes: If Tennessee were to elect a Democrat this year to the Senate in November, you know what would happen,” Lamar said. “The first thing that he would do is he’d walk over to the Republican side of the Senate, he’d pick up the Tennessee desk – the one Howard Baker sat in, the one Fred Thompson sat in, the one I’m privileged to sit in thanks to you – and he’d pick up that desk and he’d carry it over to the Democratic side. And he’d set it right down next to Harry Reid, and he’d make it one vote easier for Barack Obama to raise your taxes, cancel your insurance and take over your local school.”

I hope you will sign up to volunteer today to ensure Harry Reid doesn’t take Tennessee's desk from the Republican side to the Democrat side.

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