Whether it’s been in Washington, Knoxville or Nashville, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander has long set the standard to which each responsible elected official should strive to meet.

A true conservative, Alexander has shown his quality in a number of roles. A beloved former governor, former U.S. Secretary of Education and president of the University of Tennessee, the senator has proven himself a strong steward of the public’s trust and worthy of the faith the people of Tennessee have shown in him.

It is for these reasons and many others that the Citizen Tribune officially endorses the senator as he seeks reelection in the August Republican Primary.

Alexander’s record shows a commitment to fiscal responsibility, Tennessee values and a common sense approach to government. More than that, he has made great efforts to rise above the gridlock currently gripping Washington.

Influenced by his friend and mentor, Howard Baker, “Great Conciliator,” Alexander has shown a willingness to compromise when compromise is warranted, the backbone to stick up for his ideals and the fortitude to vote for what he believes even when he knows it may give opponents political ammunition against him.

The truth is if there were more people in Washington, on both sides of the aisle, with Alexander’s approach to government, things in the federal government would operate much more effectively.

The son of educators, Alexander has long been a proponent of improving Tennessee’s education system and has personally been behind several of the major educational advances the state has made over the years.

Alexander believes in raising Tennessee’s standards while keeping Washington politicians out of local education decisions.

But his fight against Washington overreach goes well beyond the class room. As a former governor, Alexander is a strong supporter of limiting the federal government to the powers provided in the U.S. Constitution and keeping the remainder in the hands of state and local leaders.

In closing, in his decades of service to the people of Tennessee, Lamar Alexander has proven himself, capable, level-headed, conservative and a true leader.

We believe the best thing for Tennessee is for Lamar Alexander to serve another term.

Please consider giving him your vote.