During an Appropriations Committee hearing, Sen. Lamar Alexander outlined a plan to secure the country’s southern border and deport children who have come into the U.S. illegally.

The current immigration crisis was triggered by more than 52,000 children who have been taken into custody since October. Many of them came unaccompanied to flee violence in Central America. President Barack Obama recently asked Congress to supply $3.7 billion to deal with the issue.

Alexander unveiled his three-part plan during a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting Thursday to discuss the president’s request.

"What is missing is a serious plan from the president that, first, secures the 320 miles of the border that have no physical barriers in the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas; that, second, sends these children home safely; and that, third, changes the law passed in 2008 that interferes with this," according to the senator’s prepared remarks.

Alexander’s plan includes using the National Guard to assist in border security; cutting off foreign aid to the children’s home countries if they are unwilling to assist their return; and revisiting the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act passed in 2008, which the Obama administration has said ties its hands in dealing with the current crisis.

He and 41 senators sent a letter to Obama last month calling on him to "make clear" that the U.S. will not provide special treatment to those entering the country illegally and will instead consistently enforce immigration laws.