Last week, Lamar unveiled 8 Big Myths about Obamacare. As Lamar said then, "too many Tennesseans and Americans around the country have been hurt by the false promises" of Obamacare -- which is why he's ready to be part of a new Senate majority to take the country in a new direction and repair the damage.

Early voting begins in 36 days (Wednesday, October 15). Lamar’s opponent will be one more vote for the liberal Obama agenda and we need your help to get out the vote. Click here to join our statewide grassroots effort.

108 & 2
On Friday, Lamar was in Memphis pushing his proposal to cut red tape that keeps many students from making it to college. Lamar calls the 108-question form -- which he'd knock down to two -- a "symptom of Washington" and proof of how government gets in the way.

At home over the weekend in Maryville, Lamar took on another task: fighting ALS. When several Tennesseans asked Lamar to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, he figured there was no better way than to get a hand from Boy Scout Troop 88 at New Providence Presbyterian Church -- the same troop he was part of when he was a boy.
Click here to see Lamar accept the Ice Bucket Challenge.

2 & 0
The Vols are 2 and 0 and thanks to our great volunteers on the campuses of UT and Vanderbilt, supporters were able to show their support of their team and Lamar by wearing campaign stickers in their school colors on Saturday.