The Alexander for Senate Campaign was in full swing this week. We opened our East Tennessee Campaign Office last Saturday with hundreds of supporters - click here to see photos from the event.

This week we were proud to receive endorsements from President Reagan's favorite economist, Art Laffer as well as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich . We launched a 30 second endorsement ad from Governor Mike Huckabee .

Senator Alexander continued the conservative fight in Washington. This week the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Alexander and other Republican Senators fighting the Obama administration over the administration's unconstitutional appointments. Lamar said, "The unanimous Supreme Court decision is a powerful rebuke to the Obama administration and a reminder to others that the Constitution gives the Senate powers the executive branch cannot usurp. Our founders wanted a President, not a king, and our Constitution is written to protect against precisely the kind of overreach this president demonstrated with his so-called recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board."

And finally, our campaign was saddened by the passing of Senator Howard Baker.  Yesterday Senator Alexander said, "Howard Baker was Tennessee's favorite son, one of America's finest leaders and for Honey and me an indispensable friend. He built our state's two-party political system and inspired three generations to try to build a better state and country. It is difficult to express how much we honor his life and how much we will miss him." You can click here to watch Senator Alexander's remarks at a press conference in Knoxville yesterday.