NASHVILLE, Feb. 21 – Today while many anglers focused their attention on Tulsa Oklahoma and the Bassmaster classic, Tennessee Anglers rallied where U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander held a press conference at the Old Hickory Dam with Ed Carter of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and Mike Butler of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation, as well as other members of the community concerned about the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to limit fishing in tailwaters below dams on the Tennessee’s Cumberland River. The meeting was held in Davidson County near Nashville. Many attended and showed support of the work Senator Alexander has begun to stop the plans of the Corps.     

World Fishing Network ImageAnglers in the Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky area know that the best fishing is located below the dams, and anglers all across the state have been watching the controversy unfold over the last few months as Senator Alexander prepares to take on The Corps of Engineers. According to Doug Markham, “The Corps of Engineers has ignored all of us on this issue, no matter how many times we are told they haven't. This commander in charge has made this a goal of his, to end our traditions without regard to who it will hurt---and I promise you--he thinks he right.” The radio host of Doug Markham Outdoors has become the voice of reason to many of the anglers of the Mid-South that cherish the fishing waters and Alexander, Carter, Butler delivered a strong messages today that Tennessee and Kentucky anglers should keep the waters that they have fished for decades in control of the people. 

 Doug Markham noted that Senator Lamar Alexander's press conference that turned out to be a rally below Old Hickory Dam was excellent! “Senator Lamar Alexander delivered a strong speech and then stayed afterward to answer even more questions. TWRA Director Ed Carter offered the Corps of Engineers alternatives, and Tennessee Wildlife Federation CEO Mike Butler discussed our fishing heritage and let everyone know that the federation of sportsmen is behind defeating this action by the Corps 100 percent plus some. Keep fighting everyone. We are on the side of right. Many people are wondering today why the top brass in Washington or Ohio would continue to back the local commander of the Nashville District. I wish they would let us know, because it's not safety. Fox News reported on the Corps early days of working on its plans to restrict our access. This was discussed at the McGavock meeting, but no apologies were made for keeping all of us in the dark. Thanks to the folks working with our local press to make this issue more understood and thanks to all who attended today in the middle of the day on a weekday. It was great to see! I'm proud of everyone. Watch the news tonight and read the Tennessean for more updates. “ Markham pledged to his friends and fan that he will post links and updates on his Facebook page as well.