TRENTON — With U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher standing next to him, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn, said a stance will be taken against the Internal Revenue Service when Congress reconvenes.

Speaking at Farm Bureau Insurance in Trenton, Alexander said the “IRS Abuse Protection Act” will ensure if an individual’s records are accessed by the agency, the secretary of the U.S. Treasury would have to notify the taxpayer in writing.

The records listed include tax accounts, tax returns or other tax return information.

The notice would have to include who accessed the information, the purpose of doing so and how the information was accessed. Taxpayers would also receive a copy of the information accessed, and any report issued on how it was used.

“The IRS goes right to the heart of our country,” Alexander said. “President Washington put into the Constitution and The Bill of Rights to keep the government from overstepping its boundaries.

“This administration is not the first, but it’s one of the worst.”

According to a news release, Fincher joined more than 100 congressmen callingon Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to investigate actions of the IRS.

“Across the country, Americans are losing faith in the government as they’re watching the IRS play politics,” Fincher said. “This blatant violation of the First Amendment is unacceptable and I’m committed to making sure the IRS is never again used as a political weapon against any group, conservative or liberal.”

Fincher, R-Frog Jump, introduced the IRS Employee Responsibility Act of 2013, requiring IRS employees to take responsibility for their actions.

“We’re making sure people know Washington is out of control,” he said. “Common sense solutions … is what we need … this is something we can pass.”

Fincher said he realizes an uneasiness exists with the American public.

“People are frustrated,” Fincher said. “I represent 700,000 people in my district and I’m trying to do what is right.”

Keith Steele from Idlewild said he would like to see the rest of the nation take a common sense approach to matters like the state of Tennessee, but his concerns also reached the Middle East.

“We need to get this country moving instead of being at a stalemate,” Steele said. “And, I worry about the Syrian situation.”

Alexander said President Obama is taking the right course, asking Congress what to do militarily.

“But I’m skeptical. We strike, and what happens? You can be sure they will retaliate.”

Alexander said most likely the Syrians’ target would be Israel.

“Then what’s the third and fourth step? We do not want the steps to involve us in a long-term conflict in the Middle East.”