Alexander campaign releases comparison making clear opponent Gordon Ball's status as one more vote for the Obama agenda
The Alexander for Senate campaign today released the following comparison of the records of Lamar Alexander and Gordon Ball in relation to their joint appearance at the Tennessee Farm Bureau candidate forum.

Alexander noted that Ball was "trying to fool you with his slick talk." The following is a breakdown of seven issues on which Gordon Ball has tried to avoid or disguise his positions to escape his clear status as being one more vote for Barack Obama's agenda:

Alexander: Voted against Obamacare 23 times

Ball Supports Obamacare, wants to expand it.
“I support the Affordable Care Act, with a few modifications.”

A single-payer system "should be studied" if Obamacare fails.

Second Amendment Rights
Alexander: Endorsed by NRA, received an "A rating"

Ball: Supports new restrictions on guns, received an "F" rating from NRA

Gordon Ball supports so-called universal background checks.

“I believe in the 2
nd Amendment, but I believe that we need to have universal background checks.” (YouTube, “Gordon Ball For U.S. Senate - Education, Health Care, 2nd Amendment”

Gordon Ball supports restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Knox Views:  “Do you support restrictions on high capacity magazines and           military style firearms?” Mr. Ball: “Yes. High-capacity magazines are used to kill more people more quickly and, from what I have read, have been used in more than half the mass shootings since 1982.”

Alexander: Pro-life; Endorsed by National Right to Life

Ball: Pro-choice
“So long as the termination of the pregnancy is safe and legal, women     should be able to make this very difficult personal decision in concert with their doctors and their family.”

Alexander: Defends Tennessee's right-to-work law against assaults by the Obama administration

Ball: Endorsed by AFL-CIO
Source:      gordon-ball/

Taxes and Spending
Alexander: Would reduce the growth of entitlement out-of-control entitlement spending by nearly $1 trillion over 10 years.

Ball: Would consider raising payroll taxes

“I am not opposed to considering a modest, graduated payroll tax increase.”

Immigration Reform
Alexander: Voted in 2013 to secure the border and end perpetual amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants already here by requiring them to pay a penalty before being able to apply a green card.

Ball: Supports a "legal path to citizenship" without any mention of a penalty -- the definition of amnesty

Common Core
Alexander: Has introduced legislation, supported by every Republican senator on the education committee, which would get Washington out of Tennessee's public schools and move decisions about education, including those about whether to adopt common core, back to states.

Ball: Wants to tell Tennesseans what to do about common core, and every Senate Democrat on the education committee opposed Senator Alexander's legislation that would give Tennessee the right to decide for itself about common core.
Ball statement:
Senate bill: