A Tennessee senator is trying to make college less complicated.

Senator Lamar Alexander has proposed the "Financial Aid Simplification and Transparency Act," otherwise known as the fast act.

The new legislation would simplify financial aid applications for college students, taking a 108 question form and simplifying it to two questions.

"They said all you need is two questions for 95 percent of decisions that need to be made," said Alexander.  "One is what is your family size, and one is what income did you report to the IRS last year."

If the new legislation were to pass, students would fill out financial aid forms as a high school junior. That way, students would know how much money they will get, and can shop around with that number in mind.

News Five also talked to Alexander about the threat of ISIS.

Alexander, a Republican, says President Obama needs to give Congress a detailed plan to what exactly the US will do against ISIS in Syria.

"I need to know which boots are going to be on the ground and what ground they're going to be on," said Alexander. "Tennesseans have been in Iraq and Afghanistan 6 or 7 times on tours of duty, and none of us want another middle eastern war."

Alexander says congress should get a plan and then debate it before making large commitments to war against ISIS.